The Life After Podcast

You Are Your Own with Jamie Lee Finch

June 7, 2019

Fan favorite Jamie Lee Finch returns to the show! She joins Chuck and Brady to discuss her new book on Religious Trauma Syndrome from Christian Evangelicalism, "You are Your Own." 

They discuss her experience writing ✍️, the unresolved trauma held by our bodies 👥, instilled fear of hell 🔥, needs they had as Evangelical children 👂, generational responses to Fundamentalism 👪, cycles that keep people locked in the faith 🔒, wanting to die for a cause (thanks, Jesus Freaks!) 💀, healing through storytelling 🎤, and how trauma responses manifested recently in the post-evangelical online community 💻. 

Visit Jamie's website to buy "You Are Your Own" as an ebook or audiobook:

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