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We Were Sanctified Holy Rollers with Suandria Hall

April 30, 2020

Denver-based counselor and coach, Suandria Hall, joins Chuck and Brady to unpack her Life After.

Suandaria's father was a preacher. So much of her life was entrenched in church culture, filled with rules and expectations. After learning beyond what the Bible could offer, she became interested in why people do what they do. She landed on counseling with an emphasis on religious trauma. Though her religious trauma experience didn't begin until leaving the community, she became a mental health provider for those leaving the faith. She helps people set boundaries, have healthier relationships with forgiveness, and become empowered to be who they are without indoctrinated expectations.

In this episode, they also discuss:

  • what it means to be "trauma-informed"
  • growing up in a black church community
  • forgiveness culture
  • why it's okay not to forgive and forget
  • community building after church

To get in touch with Suandaria, visit her website,


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