The Life After Podcast

Sheltered and Exposed with Victoria Lynn Myers

February 14, 2020

Victoria Lynn Myers (model) joins Chuck and Brady to unpack her life after!

She grew up in a very strict, Independent Baptist home with many, many rules, but Victoria noticed she didn't value the beliefs over her experience like those around her. When her church community showed obsessions with modesty, she knew there were still horrible sexual abuse occurring.

Her world turned up-side down when Victoria had an empowering sexual experience with someone of the same gender, an act her community strictly forbade as shameful and wrong. That wasn't Victoria's experience, and she wasn't set on reading from their script. Instead, she left the shelter of her family and church community to experience the world that she was conditioned to fear. When she faced difficulties on her own, including sexual abuse, she had to lean on herself and pulled through victoriously.

Listen to Victoria's brave story of overcoming oppression and showing her true self to the world.

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