The Life After Podcast

Growing Smaller with Laura M.

February 4, 2020
CW: Anorexia 
Chuck and Brady are joined by Laura M, who opens up about her childhood struggling in silence with a Fundamentalism-fueled eating disorder.
Laura, like many women raised in Christianity, was taught to be silent and smaller. When tragedy struck her family, she developed anorexia out of a need to be seen and to have a feeling of control in a time of uncertainty. The eating disorder became increasingly dangerous, leaving her with the ultimatum: Get well or risk death within 28 days.
Listen to Laura's inspiring story of how she gained her life after toxic religion and anorexia with the help of professional therapy. The episode begins with Chuck and Brady's practical mental health advice.
To learn more about eating disorders or to find support, resources, and treatment options for yourself or a loved one, visit,

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