The Life After Podcast

Cults Inside Out with Rick Alan Ross

May 7, 2019

Renowned cult deprogrammer and expert Rick Alan Ross Ross joins Chuck, Brady and special guest host Corey Pigg (Season 1, Episode 20, host of Failed Missionary) to discuss the everything related to harmful cult communities. From how to define a cult and how they work, to assessing what is and isn’t a cult, to discussions about the effects of cults on politics and popular culture. Ross is a dynamic thinker, a clear communicator, and a true expert in his field.

Rick Alan Ross is the author of Cults Inside Out, the founder and executive director of the Cult Education Institute (, has acted as an expert cult consultant for everything from best-selling video game Far Cry 5, to Television and Movies. Rick has intervened in over 500 deprogramming cases aimed at getting people out of dangerous cults.

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