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Black Nonbelievers with Elle Reneé

December 11, 2019

Elle Reneé of St. Louis Chapter of Black Nonbelievers joins Chuck and Brady in the studio.

Elle's step father was a pastor for multiple churches of varying denominations and current pastor of a nondenominational church, and some of their church services would go all day long. All of this made church a very foundational part of Elle's childhood. Along with the good side of closely-knit church communities also brought the bad, including lot of unwanted touch.
Elle got married during the same week she graduated high school and turned 18. After two failed marriages, she learned to stand up for herself. As she started to pull away from the faith, many church people would report back to her family. She set boundaries to protect herself and hasn't looked back since.
Chuck and Elle share experiences of being People of Color, and in the finale segment, Brady and Elle discuss parenting after religion.
Elle is the Chief Organizer of the St. Louis Chapter of Black Nonbelievers, a friendly, informative secular community connecting People of Color (and allies). Learn more on their website,



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