The Life After Podcast

The Breakfast Church with Jessie W.

April 10, 2018

TW: This episode mentions a suicide attempt, birth trauma

She started off Southern Baptist. Then she was Charismatic. And now, she’s with the Breakfast Church, a weekly group at her house of other people deconstructing their faith (their only doctrine is to eat breakfast, joke about their old lives, and drink mimosas).

On this episode, Chuck and Brady talk to their new friend, Jessie W. She was the “bad girl” at her Christian college before she met her future ex-husband and started to attend a Charismatic church together. After a few weird experiences, she wanted to learn more about the power of the Holy Spirit and trained to use the gift of prophecy. As the years went on, Jessie’s life is filled with tragedy after tragedy. After two very complicated pregnancies and a suicide attempt of a close family member, she asked: “why me?”



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